Promote Someone’s eBay Auction For Them Without Them Even Knowing And Make More Money Than They Do

You’ve probably seen lots of hype lately about making money online with eBay. I’m not talking about making money with eBay in the traditional sense where you find old stuff in your attic that you don’t need or want and hawk it on eBay. I’m talking about something a little different, a more hands off approach.
You can actually make money with eBay without handling any products. Although similar, I’m not talking about the Build A Niche Store (or BANS) method. Simply using a WordPress blog and the phpbay pro plugin, you can make money promoting someone else’s eBay auctions. As a matter of fact, you could potentially make more money promoting an auction than the seller could make from it!
Check out the scenario below of how this situation is entirely possible (and probable)….
Ok, initially someone lists an item on eBay. Say… an old Organized Rhyme Compact Disc they used to listen to as a kid.
A bit of trivia, Organized Rhyme was a rap group from back in the day with the lead rapper being Tom Green. Yeah, the same Tom Green that had the honour of dating Drew Barrymore.
Anyway, they hope to get $10 for the CD. So they create an auction and add a Buy It Now of $10.00.
Where you come in…you have a WordPress blog about Tom Green. You make the decision to create a page of eBay auctions that contain the word “Tom Green”. Since you are new at it, it takes a whopping 5 minutes to create the page and you are presented with a listing of Tom Green related products. Among the list is the Organized Rhyme CD.
A Tom Green rap fan fires up Google and
punches in “Tom Green Organized Rhyme” and finds your blog. Why’s that you ask? You can thank the amazing Search Engine Optimization benefits of using phpbay to present the eBay auction listings.
They click your blog and see some quick info about the CD auction.
Then they click the listing and a new window pops up over at eBay showing more details for the auction. They are amazed that it is only $10.00 if they buy right now! But this person doesn’t yet have an eBay account. Believe it or not, there are millions of people who still do not have an eBay account… Of course, they are able to quickly and easily create a free eBay account during checkout. They PayPal the $10 and wait for their CD to arrive.
The seller gets his $10 (minus eBay transaction fees and PayPal fees.) What did you get?
I’ll tell you…you made out like a bandit. A new customer eBay referral usually nets you $50.00! Also, you got a percentage of the eBay transaction fees, which you would have if the customer was new or not. And there’s more… You chose to get paid your referral commissions by PayPal and no PayPal fees were taken from your payment! Now, that’s awesome if you ask me.
New And Old Items In All Niches On eBay
It’s not just old stuff from peoples attics that are being sold on eBay. You can find brand new products from sellers such as manufacturers all the way to retailers listed on eBay. You can promote all the items found on eBay. If you have a blog in a certain niche, broad or narrow, there are likely products that you can promote on eBay.
Just an added item to your money making arsenal on your niche WordPress blog. Or, you can even make a whole store, or mall with this approach.
phpBay Discount Coupon
Now, of course, for this type of powerful functionality, the SEO benefits, the ease of use, the ability to use on as many blogs as you own, there is a fee. Albeit a one time fee and a pretty small one at that. You could potentially recoup the cost with just 2 transactions! But to help you jump the queue and invest in an amazing long term business strategy I have tracked down a phpbay pro coupon for you. Best of luck.

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