Internet University Student Making Money Online

College student taking online classes is also making money online in his spare time.
His Web site,, is an interesting site on creative online marketing concepts. He has been making money primarily by implementing the training and tools in the Independent Profit Center (IPC) program.
He has provided video training at no cost for those who are also interested in making money online (from home or work or school or wherever).
“Nick hit the ground running with the IPC program,” said Blake McCullough of, his sponsor. “I was truly impressed by how quickly he got into profit mode. He went through the training and turned right around and implemented the concepts. Now Nick Swanson, an online college student, is making really good money online and creating a solid residual income through IPC’s 3up program.”
Nick Swanson’s Independent Profit Center downline are also making money on the Internet. First they signed up to watch the 7 free training videos from After watching them, they were really excited because they could see how some of the slick ideas that make online marketing really work were implemented. Then they joined the IPC team by going to The $200 cost of joining IPC was quickly negated because they made $200 on their first sale.
“I love making money online and I’m having more fun than I’ve had with any regular ‘job’ that I’ve had. The free training videos will show you some really creative ideas for making money online, even if you don’t join IPC, but hey, why miss out on making your piece of the pie?” said Nick, smiling.
Neither nor IPC require any kind of prior marketing experience. The training is so comprehensive that it really covers all the angles. only asks that you come at making money online with an open mind and a willingness to put forth the effort. Nick Swanson, as with the majority of college students, is always trying to watch his pennies. Thus, the ideas that he puts on his site can be implemented either for free or very inexpensively.
Some of the ideas that are demonstrated on are crosslinking, article publishing, YouTube marketing, MySpace marketing and personal branding. The creativeness comes in because of Nick Swanson’s background and outlook. As a veteran of 2 branches of the US military, his “can-do, never-say-die” attitude is an attribute that has served him well and just won’t let him quit. The next valuable element of the website is the no holds barred experiences that he publishes. Concepts, tools, software and ideas are all reviewed and then implemented. Then he publishes what his experience was with that product: good, bad or ugly.
For more information you can go directly to or contact Nick Swanson directly at (800) 471-6051.
You can join the Independent Profit Center directly by going to
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