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Everyone wants to have their site search engine in Google.
And why not? Not only can Google send you a boatload of free traffic - it’s also highly targeted, and it’s one of the best ways to drive business.
The problem is, that exact same ideal is shared with thousands of your direct competitors. This creates an environment where you’ll always be fighting, kicking and scratching to maintain your traffic - along with the ever present fear that your livelihood is only one “algorithm update” away from vanishing.
And that’s if you can even get ranked for any decent keyword, to begin with…
In fact, only the largest, most-established authority sites can reliably see consistent traffic from Google. And even then, their rankings fluctuate constantly - several times a day, in some cases.
The fact is - it’s getting harder and harder for the “little guy” to get any kind of meaningful web presence on the web these days.
Getting ranked in Google is almost impossible unless you’ve got a major promotional budget and some time on your hands to “wait” for your domain to become trusted (Google favors older domains). And advertising with pay-per-click ads isn’t affordable like it once was.
Search marketing has finally become what everyone feared it would - a game reserved for big business.
But what if there was still a way to legtiimately rank for keywords with tons of traffic?
And what if you could do this without having to spend months and even years building up an authority site to do so?
In fact - what if you could systematically create one-page minisites that could rapidly rank in the top 3 spots (consistently) for basically any keyword you target within a matter of a week or so?
Is this for real?
But not with Google.
It’s happening right now, as we speak, on
Now - before you think it - yes, I know, MSN doesn’t have nearly the reach that Google does. But, it still does receive millions and millions of search users daily. After all - MSN is the default home-page for anyone who first uses Internet Explorer.
And, to put it in perspective, which would drive more traffic?
Occupying the #1 ranking for your most desirable keyword target on MSN?
Or occupying the #47 spot on page 5 of Google’s results?
Sadly, it’s actually more effort to make it to the 47th spot in Google than it is to literally dominate in MSN.
How does this work?Click the link and find out:
Like I said - forget about Google.
Focus on something that you can actually WIN with, and win big!
If you were to go and build a well-optimized mini-site and obtain a ton of high-quality backlinks pointing back to it - in other words, doing SEO the “right way” - you would only get good rankings for “long-tail” keywords in
There is no way in hell that you could dominate the ultra-competitve spots like we can. Zero chance.
It’s just not going to happen with traditional SEO. If you don’t believe us - try it. You’ll soon see that it’s only possible to reliably get good rankings for long-tail, obscure keywords.
But if you use what we’re about to show you - you can nail the most competitive keywords in your market with systematic ease on MSN® - and you can do it in a matter of weeks…
Because what we’re doing isn’t link-building, onsite optimization or anything like that.
What we’re doing is actually, literally “gaming” MSN®’s ranking algorithm with a proprietary method that we’ve developed through testing, trial & error with literally hundreds and hundreds of mini-sites…
And it works like crazy.
There is absolutley no way that anyone can reverse engineer this by looking at our sites (humans or search engines), and there’s also no “footprint” or reliance on some kind of third-party service or program.
No, instead, what you’re about to discover and exploit is an actual trade secret…

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