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Now that you have started your own home based business you will need to find a way to reel in those prospects. One of the best ways to do this is to create a special page for your clients to start the viewing process of your business. This get to when they click a link to go to your site. It is also referred to as a capture page because on that first page there will be a small form for them to fill out in order to get some initial information on your business.
You could also consider this first page as a teaser because they are going to have to fill in some simple information in order to find out the entire picture of what you are offering. But why should you have you people do this? Why not just show them everything right up front?
The reason for this is so you can get their contact information before you allow them access to your site. This will serve two main purposes. The first is so you can call them to give them any information they might want and answer their questions about your business.
This is a great thing and will give them confidence in the program if they can speak with a real person. It will really help those who are new to home businesses because they won’t feel like they are looking at some lifeless automated business. Even though you are offering an work from home business the human touch is still very important.
Another important thing about getting them to give a little contact info on your capture page is once they do you can now send them periodic e-mails reminding them to continue to consider your opportunity. You do this by setting up what is called auto responders. This is a service that once linked with your site will automatically send out emails to those people.
How many they receive and how often they get them is up to you. The reason for doing this is because not everyone will join your business opportunity right away. People will think about it for a while and while they do they will continue to get your messages about your business.
Having a lead capture page is an important tool that will help you take your home business}home based business to the next level. It is an important tool in the marketing arsenal of many home business owners and will help you reach out to your people.
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