The Definitive Pay Per Click System

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 is a step by step guide that will help you safely navigate the treacherous waters of CPA affiliate network marketing using ppc traffic}. The PPCF 2.0 course focuses on funelling PPC traffic to CPA , or cost-per-acquisition, lead offers on any of the many of CPA advertising networks available.
Gauher Chaudry from Toronto Canada is a full-time CPA / internet marketer and has done VERY well for himself in the online world. Gauher has had astounding success with his own system and released his product to teach others to achieve the same. He released the original Pay Per Click Formula in 2007, which comprised of six books, six cd tutorials and two dvds, and also included one of the most supportive and useful forums to be found on the net - and considering there’s over 1,000 satisfied and active members of his forum, that is a strong endorsement.
I strongly believe that Gauher’s product is one of the best physical products about earning money with CPA offers using pay per click search engine marketing that anyone can find on the internet.
Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 instructs us how to drive web traffic from Google or other pay per click networks exclusively to cost per acquisition lead offers. This is essentially called traffic brokering and is responsible for earning Gauher Chaudry from Toronto Canada an amazing $275,000 in affiliate commissions during the first two months of 2007! (and this has steadily climbed over the last 2 years and 2009 is expected to be his best year ever!)
Pay Per Click Formula 2 really stands out in my eyes for many reasons, not the least of which is that it veers entirely away from marketing traditional clickbank ebooks. Although Gauher being one of the highest earners in the affiliate and internet marketing space, he is additionally one of the most humble and down to earth / straight up guys out there. His typical sales copy actually encourages people NOT to grab his product unless you fully realize what you are about to purchase and you understand that without massive action in the CPA and traffic brokering game, no product, tool or system is going to earn you any money if you sit on your butt and let the information gather digital dust on your laptop.
In Pay Per Click Formula 2.0, he pretty much reveals you how he is raking in nearly $300,000 a month from using his own system and driving visitors to these CPA networks, so there’s no question Gauher knows what he is talking about.
While the Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 course is not necessarily cheap, it is much less than most of the other “guru” products out there and worth it’s weight in gold if you consider the education and testing costs associated with pay per click advertising. Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 is a physical home study course that will lay out the entire foundation of the traffic brokering business in a step by step manner. Once it arrives at your doorstep, Gauher takes you by the hand and guides you through the entire process of how to get into the PPC to CPA business from absolute ground zero using DVD videos and other goodies included in the course. Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 will be a solid methodology for earning a large income by driving paid traffic via PPC to various CPA or cost-per-acquisition offers in the years to come…

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