Articles On Network Marketing - Are Network Marketing Articles A Scam?

There are network marketing articles and then there are network marketing articles. Two articles on the same topic - one is educating and training and the other is telling how great a company or product is and you need to join. Which one would you gravitate too?
Undoubtedly the first yet the mistake of turning their articles into a blatant sales pitch continues to be made by network marketers every day. What incentive does anyone looking for an opportunity have when all they here is join now and you’ll be rich.
However, when someone takes the approach of giving their prospect the how to approach and what it will take to reach their long term goal then suddenly the person conveying the message is seen in a completely different light. They are seen as someone who knows what they’re talking about and the trust factor begins to grow.
Articles On Network Marketing
The thing you need to remember though is an article submitted to a directory should not be a sales pitch to get people interested in buying into what you have to offer. It’s the biggest mistake networkers coming online to take advantage of the internet network marketing boom make.
A quality and high ranking article directory will in all probability decline your content simply because it’s not giving their readership the value they want. And value is the key to getting noticed by prospects looking for a business opportunity.
The last thing a prospect wants is being bombarded with another sales pitch about how great a company or product is and another lie about how they won’t need to do any work to build their business because that will be taken care of by their upline.
How To Construct Your Article
Instead, your article should be educational in nature with an emphasis on training the reader and giving them enough information so they will be interested in wanting more. Give them tips on article marketing for example; teach them about using the power of web 2 sites to attract prospects or even point them to free resources they can look into that will help them move their business forward.
A network marketing article shouldn’t be about the compensation plan or how long a company has been in business. The power of quality MLM articles lies in their ability to educate. Why? Because if they are educating then they are leaving an impression on the person reading them and that means one thing - they will want to know more about the person who wrote it and that’s you.
Once you are looked at by a prospect in this light you can virtually put away the sales pitch because they see you as someone who knows what they are talking about and more importantly, someone who they will strongly consider wanting to join in business. That’s the power of a good network marketing article.

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