A further addition to the lengthly list of things to do when setting up a company

Some people think that the process of coming up with the original concept for a company is the most challenging aspect of setting up on your own. I bet those are the people who haven’t tried it up till now! Repeatedly the idea is one of the most ordinary things for any business person as it may come from a particular ability or interest. This means that the awareness and understanding of the idea is firmly established and the confidence and belief in the idea is solid.
So, you’re the type of person who has wonderful ideas and stacks of enthusiasm. You’d like to make some money from your fantastic new idea and decide to go into business. This is when the potential for all that passion and energy is at most risk of being beaten out of you due to the overwhelming amount of dull planning required.
If you need financial backing you will almost definitely need a business plan, marketing plan, SWOT analysis etc. For day to day processes you will need to understand bookkeeping, Tax, National Insurance and VAT to name but a few. As if this wasn’t enough to drive you to the depths of depression you also need to think about the marketing and advertising angles which used to be a lot simpler before the advent of the internet.
How can that be, it sounds fantastic doesn’t it, a customer anywhere out there in the big wide world now has the ability to single you out from amongst all your competitors! Oh if it were so straight forward.
Up until this point you may be under the illusion that having the correct information on your website is enough to make sure that your customers will find you. No so. The imperative is to make sure that the search engines not only find you, but actually list you on the 1st page because second page is not worth the screen it’s shown on!
A frightening number of customers will simply not bother to look through to pages two or three, let alone seven. So that is why you need to make sure you have a Guaranteed Top 10 Search Engine ranking if you intend to use the internet to promote your business. Anything else will deliver such low yields that it will deem any spend a waste of money.
Try Improving Search Engine ranking by using one of the Search Engine placement service providers, they often offer great value for money but do make sure that you only pay for results on the first search page, the others are nigh on useless and it is relatively easy to improve position from page 33 to thirteen or even 3 but the chances of it really bringing business to your new venture is very slim.

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