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Who are super affiliate gurus?
Let’s start by who were super affiliate gurus? Once upon a time there were people who did understand the internet and the power of affiliate marketing better than anyone else, in a time there were few who tried to work online and make money from the web.
We all know that starting up with a powerful concept like the “making money online” is for itself a huge potential. Those guys started seriously when there was little competition, and their knowledge was worthy, also the usage of the internet was primitive, you can imagine how Google worked back then, and how easy it was to manipulate the search engines, to use spam “bulk e-mails” and the annoying pop-ups.
They did make a lot of money on the internet , millions of dollars, some from affiliate marketing and others from some stooped ideas, helpful products, useless info-products and many other things.
90% of the super affiliate gurus now are using the same concept, in deferent ways; they all sell information that you can find for free on the web. Don’t misunderstand me some of those info-products are worth every dollar you spend, and they can help you in your marketing business.
The basics of making money online especially from affiliate marketing is the same, and it’s all about information (how to); the deference will be in the implementation.
Products like Commission Blueprint is maybe the best Pay Per Click course online, I almost knew all the information presented by the course, but it was worth the money. From his information and seeing what he is doing, I developed a new strategy that was not mentioned on the course but it did make me a lot of money. When you see what your competitors are doing? And how they work? What tools they are using? You can easily do things better than them.
Maverick Money Maker is another Info-Product that I don’t need, I signed up for the first month reviewed their information and strategies but canceled in the next month. But honestly I loved the way they implement the strategies, and I know they can help any one new, or not satisfied with his earnings, to make more money from affiliate marketing.
On the other hand there are thousands of useless, worthless, Info-Products, from who we call super affiliate gurus. They are well known affiliates who had earned millions of dollars from the affiliate marketing, using strategies that you already know. But they earned their money from hard work (very hard), in a long time. From the process they now have a high ranked websites, blogs, forums and most important huge lists of customers and subscribers.
They also join together in a joint venture and they use each other’s lists to bring more and more money. They started each to develop useless products that based on:
They interview each other, recording those interview in videos, audios or simple e-books.
They share a piece of their information (they can write more than 50 pages e-book to deliver one page description of a simple strategy they found effective) and most of the time they depend on your lake of experience, this information is already free, but you need to gather it from blog posts, forums and free reports.
They develop software that combines 2 or more free tools that you can find online. Most of this software are not updated, and use unreliable database.
Because they are super affiliate gurus and had earned millions, they are famous and they talk about each other as a legend. And the worst thing is that they claim that with their product you will be able to make money fast, they even show you some picture “of earning” that they claim that people earned using these products.
Here are some facts.
The pictures are real, but it’s from selling the product not using it. If the product can make money and easy, if they have some secrets, tricks an unknown strategies why they would tell you about it, they will keep making money from it, more money than selling the product, and why they need to sell the product when they are already making a lot of money.
Some times when they promote each other’s products, they give their own products as a free bonus; why is that?
They promote their products using affiliate networks, but they also add a pop-up window to their sales page to capture the visitor information. They know that 99% of the visitors will not buy directly, but they know how to follow up and sell. In this way they don’t need to pay a commission to the affiliate who brought the visitor in the first place. You will notice (if you are an affiliate) that they offer up to 70% commission, and when the visitor try to leave their page a pop-up opt in form will show. If the visitor sign up they can offer the same product by e-mail with 50% discount, while earning 20% more for themselves, the affiliate was scr-d.
Today I have received an e-mail from very famous super affiliate guru, he is offering me his own software for free, 3 months ago he tried to sell me the same software for $85, but now it’s free, I only need to give him my e-mail. It’s true that after signing up a page with one time offer appears. When I downloaded the software and set it up, It was a jock, and I know he made at least a half million selling it.
I most explain: this software is designed to give you the most popular sites for any search term, it’s the same results you can get from Google without any deference, after that you can chose a website and it will give you the back links, you can also use Google for that, or any link popularity tool and for free!!!
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